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You can find more about the Eccher’s from All Things Eccher or look at the About Us that shows pictures of the Eccher and Bendetti’s when they came to America and while in Colorado.

There will be a family reunion on Saturday July 20th, 2019 if you think you might be related or you know that you are related to me please go to the Contact Us page and send a message and we will back to you on the location and time.

William “Bill” Eccher the creator of VHSystmes™ has developed documentation and products to get the most out of your Hickok 539B and 539C tube testers.  You can also apply some of his tube tester mofications to other manufacture and models so it is worth a look.

Page developed to find other Eccher’s on the web and maybe learn a little more about your heritage.  You can suggest a link at the bottom of the All Things Eccher page.

My father William “Bill” Eccher has developed products for the Hickok 539B and 539C in his retirement years.  Creating VHSystem™ (Vintage Hickok Systems™) to help keep it separate from his name.  He has decided to share some of his knowledge with everyone so you can repair or upgrade your Hickok tube tester.  All documentation is licensed and can be used by individuals and is not intended for anyone to profit from.

I have run across several artist while searching for All Things Eccher and decided to make a section under All Things Eccher to show off their work.  You will need to work with them if you would like to use their images, all images are copyrighted and I have been granted access to them with their expressed consent.

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