VHSystem$899 Digital Version Sold

This is an above average tube tester that I am offering at a below market price. The TV-7’s are selling for more online and are not nearly as good. Here you get direct reading transconductance, metered bias and AC that eliminate the sag. It also has jacks to measure the plate current using virtually any digital multimeter. This is an important feature for balancing audio output tubes. If you’re into audio and stereo tube equipment this is the tester to have for many reasons.

The case is solid and looks good, the metal hardware is clean and shiny, but the Tolex shows some wear in places. The face plate is excellent along with the knobs and meters. The meters have all been tested for accuracy and the tester was calibrated. Pictures show a 6L6, 6550/KT88, 6DJ8, 12AU7 and 12AX7 tubes being tested in sequence with the pictures. If you are in the Centennial, CO area you can bring by a few of your tubes and you can test them with me here to assist you if needed. The last picture is showing my work bench with a 539B and its digital meter conversion being tested.

Included is a new manual with operating instructions and tube setup data. A grid/plate cap lead and a simplified testing procedure.

I am a retired Electronics Technician that has restored and serviced these fine old Hickok’s for many years. I will warranty my service for a year excluding parts. If you have questions about this or any of the Hickok 539B/C’s feel free to contact us. For those that don’t know the 539B was replaced by the 539C in the early 60’s when compactron, novar and some other tube types were introduced. Most of these tubes were used in TV sets and not important to most audiophiles today. The 539B has the advantage of windows for the selector switches making setup easier.

 Ask about the digital variable voltage transformer (Variac) seen in the pictures and not shown a Hickok CA-5 adapter for late production tubes if you have that need.

This 539B is priced at $899 – retained for test unit

I also have a 539B with digital meters priced at $1,299 – SOLD

The prices are low and firm.

Stop by and take a look at both of them and I think you will impressed with these quality testers that are not to be confused with most of those you see on eBay.

If you need tubes for your stereo I have some singles, pairs and quads of several types.

6L6GC, 7591A, 7355, 7868, 5AR4/GZ34, 5R4, ECC83/12AX7 and others for your Fisher, HH Scott, Harman Kardon, Dynaco, Sansui and others from the golden age of stereo.

I will ship UPS ground within the lower 48 states.