Military TV-7A/U Tube Tester


This is a very nice Military TV-7A/U Tube Tester designed by Hickok the leading manufacturer of tube testers. I attempted to show in the 12 pictures the physical and operating condition of this very popular tester. The metal case has some paint chips and some minor dimples, but the interior is near perfect.

Pictures show the line voltage being set, 6L6, 6DJ8 and 12AX7 tubes being tested. I checked it internally and externally and from what I could find its all original.

Not often found with these testers are all three of the tester adapters. I added the new octal and 9 pin socket savers along with a new setup manual dated 1962.

It also comes with what is likely the original dated October 1957 with revisions up to March 1961. I downloaded the operating instructions and a Gm Micromhos Conversion Chart for the TV-7 series of tube testers.

Maintenance, Operating and Setup Data manuals are available free on the Internet. This is a very popular tube tester and one you should seriously consider if your in the market for a tester.

If you live in the Denver area arrangements can be made if you want to see and operate this tester with your tubes or those I have.

I will ship within the Continental USA for an additional $50.00.