Build your own ALL-IN-ONE II Test and Calibrate Unit for Hickok 539B and 539C Tube Testers

VHSystems is now offering the new All-In-One II that replaces the previous model sold by TubesLab on ebay.

William (Bill) Eccher Jr. is retiring for manufacturing and is offering for PERSONAL use only license to the ALL-IN-ONE II.  He provided the instructions along with a part list and pictures of the build process.  I’m his son and manufactured the panels with help from my neighbor, all holes were drilled on a CNC system and we had it anodized and laser etched for the lettering.  This would be expensive to do an individual bases and if there is demand we might do a run of twenty or so and would provide a pricing estimate if the demand is there.

In the Manual is the direct email to William (Bill) Eccher for basic questions if needed.

List price: Free for Personal Use ONLY


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You will need to open the hand drawn Schematic by Bill Eccher himself, familiarize yourself with the circuit and if you think you can do it yourself then open the Parts List and start the process.


All-In-One Wiring

Parts List


ALL-IN-ONE II Front Panel with Drill HOLES

Build Pictures Plug


Build Pictures 01

Build Pictures 02

Build Pictures 03

Build Pictures 04

Build Pictures 05

Build Pictures 06

Build Pictures 07

Build Pictures 08

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