All-In-One II Test and Calibrate Unit
Hickok 539B /Hickok 539C Models

In 2010 I designed and fabricated the Load and Main Meter Test Boxes that were used until late in 2011 when I teamed up with Jeff Kiser of TubesLab to re-package the Main Meter Test with the Test and Calibrate unit.  We agreed to name it the All-In-One Test and Calibration Box.  Jeff was to fabricate and market these units through his TubesLab eBay store.  Thanks to Jeff this resulted in an attractive unit and manual that sold reasonably well through 2014.  Jeff had also re-designed the prototype Manual.  Unfortunately the design was labor intensive creating production issues that interrupted sales through most of 2015 and 2016 and a change was needed.

In late 2016 our group that had been fabricating Digital Meters for these Hickoks decided to design a new enhanced All-In-One II unit and manual to better serve the user.  This new design would utilize a CNC Machine to reduce the fabrication time.  Mike Eccher and Marcel Grenier will fabricate and market the units and Bill Eccher will provide the technical support.   It will be marketed as the All-In-One II Test and Calibrate Unit.  

Jeff Kiser understands and supports this change in direction.   Units that were sold through his TubesLab store will continue to be supported through VHSystems.

We will also be fabricating Digital replacement Meters for the Hickok 539B-C models along with other enhancements that users can purchase and install.   We will continue to service, calibrate and install modifications for the Hickok 539B-C models here in the Denver, CO area.